Introduction To HTML

Hypertext means Supertext Or Special Identity or Easily linked Resources.

Markup Language means Group of Special Tags

Introduction To HTML

Versions of HTML:

As per w3c recommendation, The following versions are released into market

1) HTML 1.0 (1989-1994): It is the first version, It supports Inline images Stile presentation etc.

2) HTML 2. (1995): It supports form controls backgrounds, Tables, etc.

3) HTML 3.0 (1997): It Supports advanced tables & complex mathematics equations.

4) HTML 4.0 (1999): This version is supporting advanced style sheets & Multimedia elements.

5) HTML 5.0 (2009-10): It is web platform, It is combination of Technologies.

Features of HTML

HTML is not a Language or not a scripting, It is Hypertext Resources, It has the following list of features:

  • It is a Global language understood by all browsers
  • It is extracted from SGML.
  • It is not case sensitive
  • We can create static webpages
  • It contains collection of commands called Tags.
  • HTML is Error-Free language, if u pass any invalid tag, browser ignors that